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IMG_7029Joshua Greaves Named

2018 Daniel Morrison Fellow and Roberto Valdez Scholar

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Two of our most impactful programs at Medicine Wheel are; the Daniel Morrison Fellows Program, and the Roberto Valdez Scholarship Fund.

The Daniel Morrison Fellows Program provides meaningful full-time employment to young people over the age of 18 who have “aged-out” of the youth services program.  Endowed by Linda Zug in memory of her brother it offers a year of employment often necessary for a young person to navigate an educational or career path.  read more

In 2011 Roberto Valdez, Poet, Youth Advocate, and Board Member of Medicine Wheel Founded the Roberto Valdez Scholarship Fund.  The Fund Allows one of our fellows to accompany us on our annual artistic retreat to Italy.  To fund this program we ask 300 donors to make a simple donation of just $10.00.  

In the picture above Josh is contemplating some lanterns we recently made for a Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day Luncheon with our long time partners at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.   Josh was feeling inspired by the quotes of the civil rights and human rights freedom fighters pictured and quoted on the lanterns.  Each quote resonating with his desire to become the great man he has been called to be.  Earlier in the day he was exploring some classes at Lesley University and was over stimulated by the choices, saying things like “these are the classes I want!”    This is absolutely my favorite part of working at Medicine Wheel.  I got to witness Josh seeing himself in the future!   He is currently enrolled at Bunker Hill College and will also attending some Lesley Classes, through the Daniel Morrison Program.   On January 15th he was recognized at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s MLK Luncheon as a man with a vision for a shared future history! 

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Michael Dowling

Artistic Director





Dear Friend

My name is Joshua Greaves. I’m 19, going on a year of being released from DYS, and I’m writing to advocate for myself going to Italy. I think I would be a great fit to take to Italy, due to the fact, I’ve been at medicine wheel for awhile and over my time here I’ve gotten more interested in art than I was before, I’ve heard about the trips, and I’ve never been to Italy. I would be exposed to a different world than I’ve ever known, and it would give me a chance to explore a culture completely different from my own.

The amount of opportunities to grow and evolve myself while out there are endless, and given the fact I was detained for the last 2 ½ years it would be a lovely change of scenery as opposed to what I was seeing before. I’m from mass so I’m used to the city around me and I know the world is bigger than what is just around me. I have goals to travel as much of the world I can in my lifetime and Italy would be a great start. I made a promise to myself that I would only do things that help me grow and learn more as a person.

I feel like Italy would do so much for me because of the fact their culture is so rich and dates back so far; it’d be impossible not to learn something. I have also been thinking about changing schools from the one I go to now to a school more centered around the arts, I feel going to Italy and embracing the trip will help me solidify making that decision. I see potential for internal growth to happen while I would be out there, and would be glad to go given the opportunity granted itself to me.

Thank you


Joshua Greaves

Daniel Morrison Fellow

Roberto Valdez Scholar


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