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Job description:

Medicine Wheel Productions, a non-profit arts organization in South Boston, needs interns who want to work in public art for the fall semester. The project is Medicine Wheel, created by installation artist Michael Dowling (founder and director of Medicine Wheel Productions). This will be the fourteenth year of the installation and 24-hour vigil at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama in honor of World AIDS Day (December 1). Interns help with every aspect of the production, and are given the opportunity to focus on their own personal area of arts as much as possible. Duties include production of art work, construction and dismantling of installation, research, community outreach, writing. The precise nature of each intern's activities will vary from year to year depending on skills. But all interns are expected to contribute wherever help is needed when asked. There are also volunteers from the community. It's a team effort, hard work, and very exciting. The reward is the opportunity to help bring to fruition a sculptural installation of stunning beauty and a participatory artistic experience of great spirituality and transcendence.

How to apply: Contact us to arrange an interview.
Michael Dowling, Director,
can be reached at 617-268-6700.