The Medicine Wheel is always looking for individuals or organizations that are willing to share their goods and talents. During the year we look for volunteers in the following fields:

Marketing, promotions, fundraising-

We welcome help for us to grow. If you are a student, retiree or organization who would like to help our board to market and promote what we have to offer at the Medicine Wheel please contact Michael Dowling at 617-268-6700

Event Venue and Catering-

Every year the Medicine Wheel holds a May fundraiser. We invite catering students or established businesses to donate time or goods. If you have access to a venue that could hold 200 people and you are willing to donate the space for one evening, please contact Melissa Ostrow at fotolis@yahoo.com

Web design-

We could use some help updating our website. If you are a web design professional or student who would like to volunteer some time please contact Melissa Ostrow at fotolis@yahoo.com

Graphic Design-

Each year we hold a May fundraisers and a yearly Medicine Wheel Vigil at the BCA/Cyclorama on world AIDS day, Dec 1 and would like some help creating cards and promotional material for these events. Please contact Michael Dowling 617-268-6700 Cell: 617-872-6065

Community Outreach

Would you or your group like to participate in Medicine Wheel? We are looking to involve communities who have participated in Medicine Wheel and to add new communities. We are particularly looking for people to lead art activity with youth groups. Please contact the office at 617-268-6700

Other opportunities:

Sponsor a Job in the MW Youth Program: The Medicine Wheel Youth Program is central to this process. The Medicine Wheel Youth Program is a paid employment program in South Boston for youth ages 14 to 18 In summer, students work 25 hours a week for 8 weeks on various individual and group projects as part of the main Medicine Wheel public art projects at No Man's Land and its Poetry Path. Click here to learn more...

College Internships: Medicine Wheel Productions needs interns who want to work in public art for the fall semester. The project is The Medicine WheelVigil and is a yearly installation and 24-hour vigil at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama in honor of World AIDS Day (December 1). Interns help with every aspect of the production, and are given the opportunity to focus on their own personal area of arts as much as possible. Duties include production of art work, construction and dismantling of installation, research, community outreach, writing. The precise nature of each intern's activities will vary from year to year depending on skills. But all interns are expected to contribute wherever help is needed when asked. There are also volunteers from the community. It's a team effort, hard work, and very exciting. The reward is the opportunity to help bring to fruition a sculptural installation of stunning beauty and a participatory artistic experience of great spirituality and transcendence. click her to learn more

How to apply:

Contact us to arrange an interview. Michael Dowling, Director, can be reached at 617-268-6700.


Medicine Wheel Productions develops and implements sustainable public art projects that speak to the needs of specific communities and to the public at large in the greater Boston area. In keeping with the tradition of true public art, our programs are funded largely by the donations of countless individuals. We invite you to join us and we urge you to lend your support to these worthy programs. Your contribution is tax deductible.

Donate online by clicking HERE!
To contribute by check, checks should be made payable to:
Medicine Wheel Productions, Inc.
110 K Street, South Boston, MA 02127

If you would prefer, you can also donate by phone using your MasterCard or Visa. To do so, please call 617-268-6700.