Medicine Wheel Schools Staff

Michael Dowling, Artistic Director

Michael is known as one of the Commonwealth's most innovative and courageous artists who produces visually stunning, ambitious public works of art that serve and inspire communities on many levels. His work stems from his heartfelt desire to beautify and make life better for all.  Michael holds a BFA and MFA from Boston University, where he studied with Philip Guston and James Weeks.

Tabatha C. Flores, Managing Director

Tabatha has a background in art and business and she has held executive positions in both the museum industry and the private sector.  Her interests include art collecting, animal advocacy and Yoga.  Tabatha holds an ALB with a concentration in the History of Art and Architecture from Harvard University, an MA in Art Business from the Sotheby's Institute of Art, London, UK, and executive business studies from the Tuck Business School, Dartmouth.

Mary Begin, Staff Artist

Mary is a painter, sculptor, gardener, installation artist and set designer who has been with MWP since its inception. Her work has been exhibited at the Boston State House, the Natick Center for the Arts, and the Boston Center for the Arts. Mary attended the Boston Museum School.

Ingrid Schatz, Staff Artist

Ingrid is a dancer, teacher and choreographer, and she has made a career of taking risks and expanding the boundaries of dance. Ingrid works with teens throughout Massachusetts and helps them to express themselves through movement, creating personal powerful performances. Ingrid came to MWP in 2002 and she holds a BFA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


John Riley "Jake," Studio Assistant


Richard Dinsmore, Office Assistant