Medicine Wheel Vigil


Michael Dowling
presents the 19th annual
Medicine Wheel Installation
at the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama

Medicine Wheel, a public art installation and vigil held annually at the
Boston Center for the Arts, is the longest running Boston Area World
AIDS Day event. Medicine Wheel provides a safe place to gather and
reflect on the impact of the pandemic, while artists from all over
Boston offer their gifts of music, dance and poetry.


Verb: Preserve the memory of;


Dear Friend ,

At this very moment a life changing event is occurring in many
people’s lives. A birth, a death, a marriage, a catastrophe, a war
causality, a new HIV infection, etc. Each moment holds something
unforgettable, that can change a life forever. We carry these
moments with us for the rest of our lives. Many times these moments are not honored and are not spoken about.

All of my work in the past twenty years has been about collecting these moments and using them to create a safe place to be with them and to remember. I strive in all my work to respond to the human condition, to merely being.

Please join me this year for the 19th incarnation of Medicine Wheel, at
the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama Building, on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2010.

This year we will use red ribbons, to mark the walls of the Cyclorama,
symbolizing AIDS awareness and solidarity with persons deceased
and living with HIV/AIDS. We will also decorate a Christmas tree on
the BCA plaza with the same ribbons exploring the duality of our
existence. Raising money is the most difficult part of producing Medicine Wheel each year. I hope you will consider making a tax deductible contribution in the attached envelop. Thank you for all you support.


Michael Dowling
Artistic Director

A procession starts form the BCA plaza at 11:45 pm Tuesday
November 30.

A Vigil of dance, song, ritual and prayer will be observed for the full
24 hours of Wednesday December 1.

Please leave an offering (personal object, letter, picture, poem
etc.) for the healing and remembrance of all affected by HiV and

Medicine Wheel opens to the public at 11:00 pm Tuesday November
30 and runs for the full 24 hours of Wednesday December 1, 2010

Medicine Wheel
110 K Street
South Boston, MA 02127

Contact Medicine Wheel (617) 268-6700







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