Moradokmai Theatre Troupe

Moradokmai Theatre Troupe–will be performing at Medicine Wheel Productions (MWP) on Thursday, October 11th at 7pm.  This performance is part of their U.S tour that is stopping in New York City at the Performing the World conference, and is also  making stops in Vermont, Colorado and San Francisco. The MWP performance is free and open to the public* and is in conjunction with the MWP’s Spoke Gallery exhibition, Terrain, which runs until November 16th.
TERRAIN at the Spoke Gallery

Moradokmai Theatre Troupe is an educational theater troupe that uses theater and performance to address illiteracy and support the development and survival needs of young people in rural Thailand.  Using a traditional and holistic applied approach to theater, they perform in costumes influenced by their native Thailand and incorporate an understanding of the temple, the music (including traditional instruments, movement and theater forms of the culture and the practical use of storytelling in educating the performer and audience.  Moradokmai began as a theatre troupe, founded by Khru Chang, a beloved figure in Thai theatre.

*The Moradokmai Theatre Troupe will bring some Thai small souvenirs to put on sale and all benefits will go to helping them recover from the 2011 floods which destroyed their facilities in Thailand.

Stone Carving Class at Medicine Wheel

This summer, Medicine Wheel offered a two week intensive stone carving class to the young men and women in our Daniel Morrison Fellows program. Taught by Nora Valdez, this class showed the ancient techniques of stone carving using chisels and hammers. Each student created a piece that reflected the soul. Using hand tools, they chiseled away the stone to be able to discover the form that was inside. They worked with white marble and Indiana Limestone- the result pieces were amazing!

Pictured above- Cross by EJ Corbett

To register for Nora’s work shop, click here.