Call to performing artist for Day Without Art

Calling all performing  Artists

In the late 80s December 1 was known as Day Without Art/ World AIDS Day.  It was no mystery that the arts community had been hit hard by the new and emerging pandemic.  The Music, Dance, Theater and Visual arts world felt the weight  and  the enormity of the loss.  The loss took on deeper meaning because the arts so often were the thing that provided us, the public,  with the means to navigate the meaningful in our lives.

Where,  we asked ourselves,  would we be without art?

The Art Community came together to amplify the situation, often by leaving marquees dark or draping works of art in shrouds.  Art works also were created that would hold and remind us of the lives we feared history may forget.  The Names Project/ The AIDS Quilt would become the largest public art project in America.  A bearing witness and a testimony to those times and a Beacon to the future.

A 36 foot section of the AIDS Quilt will also be on display, part of the largest public art project in America. It was made to remember the names we feared history may forget. This year over 250 artists from Boston and beyond will contribute 4 foot by 4 foot panels to line the walls of the Cyclorama, saying we do not forget each and everyone of them!

We also have the tradition of inviting performance artists to mark one of the hours of the 24 hour vigil with, song, dance, poetry, music, performance art  etc.   Please consider adding your voice to this powerful testimony that the arts continue to be the source that can  guide us though arid times.

please contact Georgia Lyman at  if you are able to make an artistic offering!

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