Homecoming at No Man’s Land

Join us for “Homecoming”


Sunday August 26, 2018 6-9 pm

An evening of Food, Music, Art and Community

Moving beyond diversity to inclusion, building community from the inside out, using art as the threshold.

We are excited to unveil a new work by artists John Provenzano and Keely Edwards, entitled Homecoming.  The work is deeply rooted in the concept of home, truth, testimony, reconciliation and personal stories of who we are for ourselves and for one another.  It invites us to join in the creation of a shared future history where each of us claims, one’s rightful place in the communities where we live, work, go to school, or visit.

King and Queen of the Hill

There are People in our lives who have dedicated their lives to building a better world for all of us.  This year we are honored to crown long time community activists Dan Manning and Milagros “Milly” Peña as King and Queen of the Hill


Dan Manning is a 4th generation South Bostoniandan manning.  He has a long history of giving back to the community through countless causes and endeavors. He is a South Boston Pop Warner Coach and Board member. He treats the team players as if they were his own children.He has also coached South Boston Little League and he is a part of the Monsignor McDonnell and Frank Kelley Holiday Dinners Committee. He has served on a number of boards and committees in the community. He is a true asset to the South Boston Community. His wife, Ashley Manning and two children Ronan and Keira support him in everything he does.

Dan’s dedication to his community is something that he is passionate about. Watching his community grow and seeing the children thrive is his pride and joy.





Milagros “Milly” Peña is a strong, beautiful, and caring, Dominican immigrant from Southie and mother of four. Milagros is the Site Coordinator at the Joseph M. Tierney learning Center where she is responsible for taking care of the building’s maintenance issues. Milly decorates the place so beautifully during the holiday season, she organizes many events, and is in charge of all the grounds around the Center (look around at our mountainous sunflowers!).  Milly is the person who picks up our donations each and every week, and translates conversations with such grace!

Milly is the kind of woman who puts other’s needs first. Sometimes, She is a gift to the diverse population she serves. Her walk home from work should take four minutes. However, for Milly, it takes an hour because of all the people who stop her to talk. It’s funny, whether you know Milly for a minute or an hour; whether you are a student, a parent, a Senior, a CEO, or a person in need,  she treats you like part of her family.

Milly’s dedication to her community is something that she is passionate about. Watching her community grow and seeing the children thrive is her pride and joy.



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