The Names Memorial Quilt

Help us bring 35 SECTIONS Of the Names Project AIDS Memorial  Quilt to this year’s Wheel!  Each section costs $150.00, You can request the panel of someone you love and remember!  E mail us with the person’s name and date of death to

or click here to see that they have a panel

Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a specific panel of the quilt!

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As part of this year’s Day With(Out) Art World AIDS Day 24 hour vigil we are inviting people to send us photos of loved ones they have lost, want to remember, or honor. 28 years ago we built the first installation to create a space to reflect, remember and grieve. Today the 24 hour vigil has become an enduring testimony to those who came before. We will print the photos on recycled plastic water bottles, filled with sea water, and suspend them from the grid of the Cyclorama, creating a constellation of stars.

We are also accepting recycled bottles with 16-17 oz with caps only




Please email your photos to




In 1987 a small group gathered in a San Francisco storefront to document the lives they feared history would forget.  This action served as the beginning of the Names Project, Also known as the AIDS Memorial Quilt.  On December 1, 1989 A Day Without Art began as a National Day of Mourning in response to the AIDS Crisis. The Medicine Wheel Vigil has become an enduring testimony to HIV/AIDS in our lives. In those early years we were being asked the unimaginable question,

Where would we be without art?

This year we invite the artistic community of Boston to give testimony and invite reflection on the power of art to help us navigate and facilitate who we are for ourselves and who we can be for one another.

For visual artists:  Decorate a bucket with any medium.   Work should be based on bearing witness, testimony, remembrance, love, loss, longing and survival

  1. Buckets are available for pick up at Medicine Wheel
  2. We can arrange to deliver buckets to you or your groups
  3. You can join us at Medicine Wheel beginning Tues October 15th and work on your bucket here
  • Tuesdays, 1:00 pm -9:30 pm
  • Wednesday, 10:00 am 7:00 pm
  • Thursday, 3:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Buckets need to be returned to Medicine Wheel by November 22 or to the BCA by noon on November 25th, or call us at 617-268-6700 for pick up
We can facilitate a workshop for your groups on Thursdays between 9 and 5.

For performing artists:Help us sanctify Medicine Wheel by making an artistic of poetry, song, dance, music or performance.  Each year we invite artists to offer a breathtaking experience to mark each hour of the 24-hour vigil.

For the spiritual community: Mark one of the 24 hours with a blessing, prayer, ritual or meditation.  If your tradition has water ritual or blessing for water we would love you to share those during the vigil or one of the water walks.

For the public:  Join us at the vigil, decorate a bucket  or as a water bearer. Vigil begins at 11:30 pm, Saturday November 30th  and goes for the full 24 hours of Sunday 12/01/19.

Send a photo of someone you love or loved and lost.  We will we

Meet in front of the Cyclorama Building, Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont Street.