World AIDS Day Schedule

December 1 Program Day With(Out) Art/World AIDS Day 24 hour VigilREAD MORE ABOUT VIGIL
11:00 pm Gathering and greeting Gather on the BCA Plaza 539 Tremont Street at 11:00 pm for our first processional water walk to Fort Point Channel.
  Michael Dowling Water Walk IMG_4826
Midnight Karen Krolak Dictionary of Negative Space, An Interdiciplinary lament
12:15 am Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Blessing of the Names Memorial Quiltsisters
 12:30 am Amir Dixon BleTitle: Alive. I: The Prelude: Breathe Written, Directed and Produced by: Amir Dixon & Noah Turner For the boys who dance in the dark. A multimedia performance bearing witness to loss, grief, resilience x survival
4:00 am Katya Popova “Flow”.collaborative: drapery, figures, live soundkatya
6:00 am Sadada Jackson  Smudging
all Water Walk 2007 water bearers
7:00 am Noel McKenna Buddhist Chant
8:00 am Bob Sances Rosary
all Water Walk
9:00 am Sheila and Robert Frankel KaddishScreen Shot 2019-11-29 at 11.46.35 AM
10:00 am 








10:30 am

Jonathan Holmes 








Inside Out Dance Company Ingrid Schatz

 Yoga Meditation 



Inside/Out Dance Company is a youth performance group based at The Dance Studio in Orange, MA.  Company members make work collaboratively with each other, company director Ingrid Schatz and guest choreographers.  Company members Ava Doody, Jenna Dunphe, Laura McGinnis, Sierra Richard, Amanda Scott and Ceara Zhang will be performing, “A Light in The Dark.”

11:00 am Barbara Hamm Mindful movement and a meditation
noon all Water Walk
Noon Mike Ward Screen Shot 2019-11-29 at 11.36.20 AMReading from “The Sea is Quiet Tonight” In this insightful and inspirational memoir, Michael Ward returns to the early years of the AIDS epidemic, when so little was known and so few who were diagnosed survived. He chronicles in candid detail his partner Mark’s decline and eventual death. By looking back on these devastating events, the author not only honors a generation lost to the illness but also opens a vital window onto the past, before medication helped save lives and when HIV/AIDS was usually a death sentence.
12:30 pm  Dell Hamilton  Poem
1:00 pm Ian Spencer Bell Solo Duet Ian Spencer Bell performs Solo Duet, a dance poem about his relationship with a dancer who, in early 2000s Brooklyn, concealed that he was HIV positive. He talks as he dances, considering light, seeing, and deception. Lines of poetry merge with lines of the body. Bell has danced versions of the poem in New York City at the 92nd Street Y, in San Francisco at CounterPulse, and in Great Barrington, Massachusetts at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, where he is a visiting artist.
1:15 pm Chali’lnaru Smilez Dones smiles 2Blessings from the Taino People with members of the  Guainia and Higuayagua tribessmiles.Photos curtesy of:RV Photography
1:30 pm Sam and Carol Ou Cellist, Carol Ou will present the uniquely festive and exuberant cello music of Latin America. This afternoon’s program will include a virtuoso solo cello sonata: Jaguar Songs by Venezuelan composer, Paul Desenne, Danzas Latinoamericanos for cello duo by Mexican composer, José Elizondo, and the Deux Choros for violin and cello by Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos. Joining Carol will be her brother, cellist, Sam Ou and violinist, Amy Galluzzo.
2:00 pm Liz Roncka Dance
2:30 pm Carol Ou Cello Duets
3:00 pm Nancy Armstrong SopranowtDOlJPGMhO-Cxe70592OW6ZhOTmc5ksiNE8ECY3RaA
3:00 pm Karen Krolak Water walk
3:30 pm Anne Livermore Bad Raqsan’e Sahra
Bad Raqsan’e Sahra—the Sahara Wind Dancers—has been performing in some incarnation since 1995. The troupe enjoys an omnivorous musical taste and specializes in Middle Eastern dance fusion with influences including classical Indian, swing, jazz, and burlesque. Collectively, the troupe boasts about an equal number of children and graduate degrees, and while not dancing, members are IT people, writers, stay at home parents, engineers, artists, scientists, and more.
4:00 pm Elizabeth Rookey Dance Performance Elizabeth Rookey is a current student at the Hartt School studying Ballet Pedagogy as a Junior. She has most recently performed Martha Graham’s Chronicle and the Tarantella from Bournonville’s Napoli. In the past, Elizabeth has danced with Ballet Austin as a trainee and attended Walnut Hill School for the Arts under the direction of Michael Owen.
4:15 pm Christine Bennett DanceBennett
4:30 pm Jane Wang Performance
5:00 -6:00 pm Robert Carr The Unbuttoned EyeScreen Shot 2019-11-29 at 3.32.47 PMIn Carr’s Unbuttoned Eye, we are gifted with Mapplethorpe, self-portraits in frames, and bodies desired and grieved. These poems represent moments, sweat, 80’s glitter, and finally healing. We’re treated to flowers and the natural world of crows. Every spore bursts with feeling and “fluid drains away enchanted.” Uncompromisingly, Carr lays bare the realities of life and death – the vitality of pretty boys in bath houses where “pleasures shiver, all that’s male” and the AIDS pandemic where “the dead swallow boys with narrow shoulders.” Carr has a gorgeous gift for verse, stillness, and comes out victorious on the other side.Cynthia Manick, author of Blue Hallelujahs


6:00 Pm Water Walk
Matt Hull – Trumpet
John Cushing – Trombone
Max Ridley – Bass
Tim Wolf – Percussion/Saxophone
A non-traditional brass band led by trumpeter and composer Matt Hull. The group’s sound is inspired by love, friendship and the uncertainty of the radio dial. Lineup will consist of:Matt Hull – Trumpet
John Cushing – Trombone
Max Ridley – Bass
Tim Wolf – Percussion/Saxophone
6:30 pm
7:00 pm Andrea Blesso Albuquerque Audra Carabetta
Choreographer: Brian Crabtree Meghan McLyman
Music: Michael Wall
Text: Meghan McLyman
BRIAN CRABTREE has been dancing and making dances for over thirty years in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and his beloved hometown of Portland, Maine. For eight years he was a dancer in Ram Island repertory Dance under the direction of Daniel McCusker. There he performed in the works of several choreographers including Lucinda Childs, Doug Varone, Maida Withers, Yvonne Rainer and Mr. McCusker. He formed an independent group to show his own early dances called Random Moves Dance Collective. Since moving to Boston in 1994, he has produced several projects of his own and in collaboration with Marjorie Morgan, Caitlin Corbett, Jody Weber, and Audra Carabetta. His work has received support and recognition from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, Cambridge Arts Council, Dance Umbrella, Somerville Arts Council, and This That Productions. He has shown work at Dance Complex and Green St. Studios, and has twice been a resident artist at Boston Center for the Arts. His dances have been favorably reviewed in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, and Boston PhoenixANDREA BLESSO ALBUQUERQUE has danced with each of the elements – underwater, 18ft in the air, spinning fire fans, and in the mountains of Portugal. She has many careers – Director of Dance at Boston Center for the Arts, performer for Crabtree & Dancers, performer and board member for EgoArt Inc, model for artist Judith Larsen, and Board member for ANIKAYA Dance Theater and Boston Dance Alliance.
7:30 pm Gail Weston Roberts Songs
8:00 pm J Michael Winward
Alex Davis
Peter DiMuro
Bret Silverman, pianist
winwardNight and Gay (Alex/Peter)
GayLight Savings Time (Michael/Peter)
“We’ll Meet Again”.
Michael, Peter, Alex
9:00 pm Robert Sances Water Walk 
9:00 pm Allan McClendon Blessing
9:00-10:00 pm Nancy Aleo GongsMs. Aleo has exhibited her artwork nationally and internationally, and maintains a studio in the Boston area.  Recent exhibitions include: Galerie Le Cabannon and Galerie Aqui Siam Ben in Vallauris, France, Attleboro Arts Museum, Cambridge Art Association, New England BioLabs, Ipswich, MA, Sguardi Sonori, Napoli, Italy.  Other regional, national, and international exhibitions including Washington DC, Georgia, New Mexico, New England, Germany and Japan.
11:00 pm Marshall Hughes Spirituals
midnight closing Michael Dowling

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