Our Staff

michaelMichael Dowling, Founder and Artistic Director


Michael is known as one of the Commonwealth’s most innovative and courageous artists who produces visually stunning, ambitious public works of art that serve and inspire communities on many levels. His work stems from his heartfelt desire to beautify and make life better for all.  Michael holds a BFA and MFA from Boston University, where he studied with Philip Guston and James Weeks.

1012111_591541910876679_1132852793_nRichie Dinsmore, Director of Advocacy and Public Art


Richie started working at MWP because of court-mandated community service hours. After showing his leadership skills and initiative, Richard moved his way up to serve in a full-time, administrative capacity. All of the youth employees look up to him as a peer role model. He has also been nominated for numerous awards for his youth advocacy work in the City of Boston

Krause copy 2Susan Krause, Director of Development


  Susan  is a passionate advocate of the arts.  For over thirty years she has taught painting or literature and writing in settings as varied as Lehman College in the Bronx, The Boston Public Library, Pine Street Inn, The Boston Home and Medicine Wheel.

Her belief in the transformative power of the arts informs her approach to not only teaching, but to life.  “Art transports us to untapped worlds.  The practice of art changes lives,” says Krause.  “I have experienced the joy of total immersion in creating; I have seen how people in tremendous pain, against all odds, enter a place that takes them away from their physical reality. “


Rob Cutler, Staff Humanitarian

Rob considers advocacy to be his life’s work.  He regularly goes to the State House to advocate for those unable to speak for themselves.  Since 2005, his important work has included mentoring youth who face challenges in their daily lives, meeting with them two-three times per week at MWP.  Based on his own experiences and challenges, Rob is a model to these young people who accept him as one who understands pain, abuse and suffering; thus, he is able to provide the youth with support, insight, and inspiration.






Medicine Wheel hires numerous artists thoughtout the year to worked in our acclaimed youth programs