“Hello! How are you? My name is Jamie Onderdonk. I was a student at Brandeis and I worked with you in the spring of 2010 on the source/resource installation. I wanted to let you know how much that project moved and inspired me. It is among my most significant life experiences that moved me to apply for master’s work in Conflict Studies in the Netherlands. I want to do more work with creative and collaborate community projects. I used the experiences from that project in my letter of intent for this program. I am hoping that I might be able to add you to my reference list on my CV. If you’re willing to do that, but would feel more comfortable with additional reminders of my involvement, just let me know. I’d be more than grateful and happy to supply. Thank you very much for your time and energy. And, by the way, I do follow the projects you put together at Medicine Wheel Productions and they always look/feel amazing when I read about them.”

Jamie Onderdonk

“There’s more to life than Partying and Bitches… Can’t wait for y’all to see that… Findin my own path and beginning my journey is turning me into a great man… I once was afraid of Death now I found my purpose something I’m willing to Die for… Medicine Wheel I’m doing the unfinished work of Dr. Martin Luther King!”
Shane Hampton, daniel Morrison Fellow 

“The Philosophy I learned here has never left me. Every problem I solve is because of something I learned here.”

– 20 year old young man who participated in MWP for Five Years.

“Arts and Cultural work can restore and nourish people’s capacities to listen, to empathize, to communicate, to receive, to hope, to imagine, to trust, and to act compassionately –the very capacities required for sustainable coexistence and reconciliation”

– Creative Approaches to Coexistence
Lesley Yalen and Cynthia Cohen, Brandeis University