Amazon’s Gift to Turning the Wheel

Amazon Gift Gets Us Closer to June 16 Fundraising Goal

Will You Be a SPOKE in Our 2021 Healing Wheel?

Amazon is our latest investor in Turning the Wheel 2021.

Amazon’s corporate gift of $25,000 toward our June 16 fundraiser brings us that much closer to our goal of $200,000 to ensure MW Productions/SPOKE continues to:

  • Support artists like Allison Maria RodriguezAmanda Shea, and Naoe Suzuki, whose work addresses some of the most urgent social challenges we face.
  • Work with young people in the Cushing House recovery program to create art that opens pathways through addiction and to deeper understanding of themselves and their place in our community.
  • Create and sustain public spaces like No Man’s Land that inspire and heal.
Amazon joins Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare and dozens of other individuals and institutions who have gotten us closer to our goal.
Will you be a Spoke in our Healing Wheel this year?
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