Call to Artists for TOUCHED ALIVE HOPE

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TOUCHED ALIVE HOPE, Community Participatory Projects & Exhibition

For 29 years, Medicine Wheel Productions (MWP) has been at the intersection of art and healing. Beginning in 1992, we responded to the AIDS/HIV crisis that was ravaging communities in deadly silence and no government response. Every year, for World AIDS Day, on December 1, MWP mounts a 24 hour vigil and art installation for Day With(out) Art where people come to remember and grieve as a community while hundreds of performing artists over the course of the day present prayers, spoken word, dance, music and chanting.

Violence Transformed Violence Transformed is an annual series of visual and performing arts events that celebrate the power of art, artists and art-making to confront, challenge and mediate violence.

Now, in the midst of the duo pandemics of Covid and racism, MWP and Violence Transformed are launching our largest participatory project in our history of building community through cultural action. The TOUCHED, ALIVE, HOPE Project will engage thousands of people across the state and the world, artists and non-artists alike

samplers l-r  upper Deborah Kamy Hull, Kathy Soles  bottom, Michael  Dowling, Cushing House woman

samplers l-r
upper Deborah Kamy Hull, Kathy Soles
bottom, Michael Dowling, Cushing House woman

Lead Artists:

TOUCHED, Michael Dowling, Artistic Director, MWProductions

Touched explores how we can connect to each other in the wake of social distancing when all forms of touching from a handshake, a kiss on the cheek or a full embrace can lead to illness and possibly death.

Call for Visual Art: take a 16” x 16” piece of cloth and create a sampler reflective of how you have been TOUCHED by the corona virus. Any medium is acceptable.  The samplers will become part of a quilt large enough to cover the floor of the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts. Again, there are no limitations on the medium used. Send the completed sampler to: MW Productions, 110 K Street, Boston, MA 02127

Join a Community Class: Technology will meld with some ancient art forms as people create work with each other via Zoom.  Even though not everyone will choose to embroider their sampler, we are calling these sessions, virtual sewing bees. Deborah Kamy Hull and other artists will host a series of short classes on Zoom. FOR WORKSHOP SCHEDULES EMAIL INFO@MWPRODUCTIONS.ORG

 ALIVE, Amir Dixon, Artist in Residence, MWProductions

Understanding that racism is systematic and denies people of color and explicitly Black People their dignity and equity, MWP is producing a Community Participatory Video Project examining the systems of racism and inequality and the artist’s job to resist and give language to the marginalized.  The system won’t be dismantled without collective commitment and action taken against racism.

MWP is inviting all folks to join the movement: We are asking folks to record a video up to 60 sec answering:

Why are you committed to the dismantlement of racism (systemic racism)?

These videos will be a part of the Day With(OUT) Art exhibit and guide us through action planning as an organization and community against racism.  Submit a Video: Make a video/recording of yourself on speaking to how Covid-19 has TOUCHED you. Visit & Upload to LINK or Send to:

HOPE SCROLLS, L’Merchie Frazier, Director of Creative Engagement, Violence Transformed

BRING TO THE WORKSHOP YOUR HOPEFUL THOUGHTS AND ITEMS TO RECYCLE THAT YOU MAY HAVE: A pair of scissors, 2 inch to 3 inch tape, old or new newspaper clippings, old or new magazines, fabric or cloth from clothes to be discarded. Recycle these items, learn the art of collage and tell your story of hope and survival. Join, L’Merchie Frazier, Director of Creative Engagement in the Hope Scrolls Workshop on the 4 recurring Wednesdays.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 991 216 4011
Password: 9TZ5zu

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