Medicine Wheel Appeal


DECEMBER 1st 2012

For centuries the beauty of art has celebrated life, honored the dead, and impacted those left behind. We see ourselves, and the ghosts of our loved ones, in memorials like the Vietnam Memorial Wall and the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero. Art is often the threshold into timeless events that chart the human heart and soul.

In 2012, Medicine Wheel has continued to use art as a conduit for entering communities in need and helping them to heal. At MWP, as artists, as humanitarians, as an organization, we strive to create a brave new normal, a normal where all voices are honored, all skin colors embraced, all religions sacred, all opinions respected, all hopes ordained, all freedoms preserved, all dreams dreamt. I used to think that asking for money was the most difficult part of these projects. I now realize that it is an invitation for people to become part of something bigger, a truth that sets people – and keeps people – free. Read More!

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