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Medicine Wheel is the go to place for art and healing….. Ayanna Pressley

Medicine Wheel breaks down barriers, breaks down barriers, whatever those barriers are, whether it’s violence, addiction, color, race, age, it doesn’t matter……

Martin J Walsh, Mayor of Boston


Medicine Wheel Productions is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 by Michael Dowling. Their mission is to transform communities from the inside out by inviting all members to participate in the healing and transcendent power of public art. They are forging a Common Path—one of inclusion and civic engagement—using art as a threshold to help individuals gain awareness of self, community, and the human condition.


The annual Turning the Wheel fundraiser to help Medicine Wheel Productions move forward on their goals and to support current and future programs and projects. This year we are offering original art works done by artists for Day Without Art for $100 apiece in liu of tickets click here to buy yours today! 


Each year,  Turning the Wheel supplies us with the unrestricted funds that we need to keep the Wheel turning.   I am glad to have you as partners in that  humble task we have taken on, which is simply to change the world READ MORE


We are humbled to honor four remarkable men and women as this year’s Medicine Men and Women and Artists Activists, Gary Bailey, Kay Walsh, Amir Dixon and Naoe Suzuki  have made the world a better place.  READ MORE

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