If you were unable to join us on November 3rd, feel free to watch the Zoom recording of Enough is Enough here.

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SPOKE Presents Enough is Enough: A YouthSpeak Showcase

Please join us at the SPOKE Gallery Wednesday, November 3rd for Enough is Enough, a showcase of the amazing work of young people in our YouthSpeak program. The event begins at 7 pm at the new SPOKE Gallery, 840 Summer Street, Suite 103, S. Boston, MA 02127. The event will be in a hybrid format, virtually and in-person.
RSVP for this event here, and register for the Zoom event here.
YouthSpeak is a digital storytelling program funded by the Boston Housing Authority, in which young people in Boston housing create and share stories about themselves and their communities. Working with a team of creative teachers from TrendStream, these youth have produced beautiful poems, stories, videos, and music that give meaning to their experiences in neighborhoods across the city.
Enough is Enough is their chance to share those stories with their families and friends, teachers, and our larger SPOKE/MW Productions community.
Please join us in lifting up the voices of these brave young people at this special gathering!


SPOKE (formerly Medicine Wheel) and Trend Stream Entertainment invite Boston public housing residents between the ages of 15-18 to be part of YouthSpeak, a paid digital storytelling program.

Working under the guidance of ten skilled, creative teachers, young people will create photo- and video essays about topics that are important to them and their communities. Students will have the opportunity to work in an array of artistic disciplines that fall under digital storytelling, such as video, photo essays, spoken word, music, or a hybrid/multimedia. They will share their work with instructors, staff, and other young people throughout the summer, culminating in a final photo- or video documentary for each participant. The students’ final projects will be available to view on their very own YouthSpeak website here. 

With funding from the Boston Housing Authority, the YouthSpeak project will launch Wednesday, July 14, and will continue throughout the 2021-2020 academic school year. Youth will be paid a minimum of $13.50 per hour for 20 hours weekly. We have the capacity to engage up to 100 young people in this exciting new program.

SPOKE is still actively recruiting youth living in public housing to enroll in YouthSpeak, now a fall afterschool program. To learn more or register go here.

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Meet the YouthSpeak Staff 

Isaac Dupont - Project Manager 

Originally from New Jersey, Isaac attended Lesley University in Cambridge, studying art therapy. There they spent a semester interning at Medicine Wheel Productions (now SPOKE). After graduation, they worked for several years as a baker, before working with Americorps. They then settled into the public school system where they are a TA in a middle school sub separate classroom. As a queer and disabled adult, they believe it is vital for their students to have teachers who have similar experiences, and who can be resources on those and related topics. This summer, they also returned to SPOKE as a case manager for the YouthSpeak program.

3D5AF4CC-9D5C-4209-B6E3-A8394C866B79_1_105_c_25Dakohai Matityahu – Project Manager and Creative Lead, TrendStream Entertainment

My Names Is “Dakohai Matityahu” I am an Ayitian born and raised in Boston .. Im a local artist, Entrepreneur and spiritualist. my goal is to help reconnect humanity with the laws of nature.

My Work for the past 7 years has taken a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Often Referencing both indigenous and Modern history. My work explores the blur lines between the morals taught to us both directly and indirectly, By our parents, and by our social environment.

181680271_10102231048278784_7752015977555387290_n_1_50Charles Murrell III – Creative Lead, TrendStream Entertainment

Charles is an Afri-classical composer-performer, healer, and educator. His latest composition, The Song of the Innocent, op. 8, was commissioned directly after the death of George Floyd and other BIPOC living on Indigenous and Native American territory.  This among other projects can be found on his website here. 

43610056_2072899892766122_4284314265277431808_n_2_40Oliver Burns – Creative Lead, TrendStream Entertainment

Find more information on Oliver Burns at his Instagram orthodoxtwist. 




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Three of our YouthSpeak teaching artists who joined us to honor No Man's Land: (from left to right are Charles, Dakohai (seated), and Oliver)

Three of our YouthSpeak teaching artists who joined us to honor No Man’s Land’s 25th Anniversary: (from left to right are Charles, Dakohai (seated), and Oliver). Photo Courtesy of Ramon Galvan.

Teaching Artists 

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