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MLK Day of Service: Handmade Book Project
January 2011

Youth Made Martin Luther King Books
Handmade books by Medicine Wheel Youth Employment Group for MLK Service Day sponsored by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Speak Out. Act Up. Move Forward Project:
Spring 2012

Do you sometimes feel like being yourself is an act of disobedience?
Have you ever felt that you had to break the rules to make yourself

Medicine Wheel Youth worked hard in the studio creating
visual art and set elements for a performance, media, and sound design
project.  Their work was a part of a collaboration with Urbano Project
youth in Jamaica Plain.  The project brought together choreographers DeAnna
Pellecchia and Ingrid Schatz, composer Shaw Pong Liu, and digital
media artist Alison Kotin to work with the youth to develop a
collaborative, abstract contemporary dance work exploring teens’
experiences of civil disobedience and responses to injustice.

Movement, visual art elements, an original score, text, and an
interactive digital sound installation weave together a response to
contemporary acts of civil disobedience from Occupy Boston to the
Tiananmen Square protests, inviting us all to trust our gut and speak
up in situations where it is the norm to keep quiet.

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