Bayard Ruston Breakfast Committee

Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 1.04.15 PMA message of hope from the BRCB Committee,
As we celebrate Black Awareness HIV Day 2021, over the past thirty-five years
and counting HIV/AIDS disproportionately hits Black, Brown and LGBTQ
populations at higher rates. The AIDS data and the Bayard Rustin
Community Breakfast are two important factors that attempt to offset and
possibly reset attitudes and behaviors. Through the Bayard Rustin Community
Breakfast, we strive to educate about HIV/AIDS by sharing prevention and
intervention models. We realized there are many factors such as, limited
access to high-quality health care, housing and HIV education in which directly
and indirectly increases the risk of HIV infection.

There are also strong levels of stigma, fear, discrimination, poverty and
homophobia that may prevent Black, Brown and LGBTQ populations from
accessing HIV care and services in the USA and around the world.
The Bayard Rustin Community Breakfast always has speakers that address
these pertinent issues. The primary goal is heightened self-awareness in the
black and brown communities every day. The BRCB uses its platform with the
goals of connecting folks to community partnerships and leaderships, in the
community who are fighting to empower us with the vital collaborations that
works to get us to zero infections and deaths.  The HIV/AIDS data is a harsh remainder of the work that needs to be done!
Members of BRCB Committee

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