Turning the Wheel: June 16 Annual Fundraiser

Title: Turning the Wheel Annual Fundraiser
Date: 2021-06-16

Racial justice and reconciliation. Addiction and recovery. Public health and community healing.

MW Productions/SPOKE activates art and artists to address these and other urgent social challenges.

Turning the Wheel is our annual fundraiser and your chance to ensure we can continue to do our work.

Taking place Wednesday, June 16, Turning the Wheel will honor three exceptional individuals whose lives and work embody our mission:


Read more about our 2021 SPOKE Awardees!

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BeSpoke: $25,000

OutSpoken: $10,000

Well-Spoken: $5,000

Plain-Spoken: $2,500

Soft-Spoken: $1,000

I-Spoke: any amount


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